Water/Oil Separators

Concrete Water/Oil Separator

Concrete Water/Oil SeparatorIs your traffic-worthy? How do you know?
All of our precast interceptors are built to engineer’s specifications to meet AASHTO’s H-20 load rating. Since oil water interceptors are almost always installed in commercial environments, they are frequently subject to traffic. Most are installed in parking areas; however, even in landscape areas, they are subject to delivery trucks and pumping trucks.

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We will be pleased to provide stamped structural drawings and engineering calculations is an engineered product–ask for proof.

Steel Water/Oil Separator

Water Oil Separator - SteelHighland’s Single, Double, and Triple Basin Oil Interceptors are wastewater treatment tank designed to intercept and collect sand, grit, grease, and free oil (hydrocarbons and other petroleum products) from storm water runoff, spills, or vehicle cleaning operations. Designed to accept gravity flow, Highland Oil Interceptors retain wastewater long enough to allow sand, grit, and free oil and grease to separate from the water due to their differences in specific gravity.

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Water/Oil Separators General Arrangement

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Aqua Clean

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Fiberglass Water/Oil Separator

Containment SolutionsContainment Solutions, Inc. (CSI) provides a full range of products for critical fluids storage and separation for the wide variety of applications necessary in industry today. By combining the resources of Fluid Containment, Inc., the leader in fiberglass underground tank technology, and Hoover Containment, Inc., the leader in steel aboveground fuel storage, we have developed the premier single source supplier for your total fluids system needs. Our goal is to provide innovative Systems Solutions for your critical fluid requirements. In keeping with our goal, Containment Solutions has developed a high-performance state-of-the-art Oil/Water Separator.

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