Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Highland Tank

Rain Water Collection TankRain Water Storage Tanks
Above and underground storage capacity from 300 to 60,000 gallons.
Pumping equipment shown removes water and discharges to filtering system.

Rain Water Harvesting Flush FilterFlush Filter

Removes contaminants from rainwater such as dirt, bird droppings, other organic matter. Has strainer basket, internal baffling, and gravel pack filtering.

Rain Water Harvesting Day TankDay Tank

Filtered water is deposited into day tank storage ready to be pumped by booster pump to final destinations.

Rain Water Harvesting SystemsControl System

Regulates all phases of operation including pumps, filtering, and valves.

Conservation Technology

Carat TankCarat
The Carat is a high-strength underground tank available in 1000 gallon and 1700 gallon capacities. It is assembled from two half-sections joined at the middle with a reliable gasket and clamping system, a feature that makes it possible to stack many tanks on a single shipping pallet and then hand-carry the components to the excavation. A compartment on the top of the tank called a dome swivels in any direction and has sufficient space for an internal filter and controls. A telescopic riser with a sturdy lid slides into the dome and provides height adjustment so that the lid can be positioned flush with the ground surface. Details

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