Underground Traps

Concrete Grease Traps

Concrete Water/Oil SeparatorEngineered To Meet Local Requirements
1. 1000, 1500 and larger sizes (Crane service provided if needed)

2. Grease trap and H-20 rated ring and cover .

3. Inlet and outlet rubber boots for 4" & 6" PVC pipe 2/clamps

4. 4" & 6" walls and 8" top are available for all counties.

5. Optional exterior and/or interior corrosion resistant coatings.

6. We co-ordinate all orders & deliveries to meet your schedule.

7. Drawings are furnished for permitting and installation.

All details listed above are included in pricing. So be sure to call for


Roger Jones

For more information, checkout our Concrete grease trap ring and covers diagram as well as our Manway and Extension brochure.

Underground Steel

Steel TankSection Header
Highland’s Passive Grease Interceptors help restaurants and food service facilities comply with the EPA Sewer Pretreatment Regulations! Highland PGI are gravity-based grease interceptors designed to intercept and remove large quantities of sewer clogging fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that might interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of municipal wastewater. These large capacity interceptors have much more retention time, storage capacity, and require much less maintenance by the food facility personnel than smaller capacity indoor grease traps. In addition, Highland PGI are lighter than traditional concrete units, resulting in lower delivery, crane rental, and installation costs.

For more information, download our Highland Passive Grease Interceptors Brochure as well as Grease Removal Systems.