Underground Tanks

Crane InstallDouble-Walled Fiberglass Tanks
A pair of double walled fiberglass tanks with hydrostatic tank interstice leak detection system, manways with fiberglass collars for tank containment sumps.

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Aboveground Tank20,000-Gallon Elutron Tanks
A tank farm of each 20,000 gallon Elutron tanks, a UL142 rated tank with a Plasteel composite that forms an outer tank with a minute tank interstice to capture and contain fuel in the event of a leak from the steel inner tank. These tanks were installed in Alabama for a major bank’s regional processing center for their backup power sysem.

Aboveground Tank40,000-Gallon Elutron Tank
A 40,000 gallon Elutron underground tank for backup power for generators and boilers at metro Atlanta Hospital. This tank was equipped with duplex submersible
pumps, automatic tank gauging system and an automatic fuel polisher.

Aboveground TankElutron Composite Tank.
Delivers all the benefits and proven performance of Plasteel Composite double-wall tanks, plus a significant incrrease in cost efficiency. It is an impervious system providing total defense against subterranean pollution.

Fueling Systems - Underground TanksHighland 30,000 gallon double wall fuel tanks for major hospital in Atlanta Ga.Note workers anchoring straps to concrete pad and the OSHA set back of the tank hole partially filled with pea gravel.

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