Pumping Units

Submerged Pumping Systems

Submerged Turbine PumpsPackaged pumping systems cabinet and skid mounted, controls, completely piped ready to install.

F E Petro pumping systems are installed in fuel tank top and submerged in fuel for producing a positive discharge that can overcome high head pressure and long distances. Smart starter controllers in various voltages are available as are leak detection adapters for underground applications. Come in variable lengths to fit almost all tank diameters and horsepower to meet site specific head pressures to produce required gpm flow rates.

For more information, download our FE Petro Smart Controller brochure as well as our Submerged Turbine Pumps brochure.

Package Cabinets and Skid Systems

Simplex Triplex Pumping SystemSimplex Triplex Pumping System
Simplex Triplex Packaged Pumping System on skid complete with pumps, piping, valves, leak detection and control panel

This triplex “suction” pumping system can be located near fuel tank or inside building and allows various configurations such as lead-lag and alternating operation saving wear on each pump plus giving redundancy in case one pump fails. A third pump is for fuel oil return from generators to the main fuel tank. These pumps are normally skid mounted with controls, strainers, regulators, leak sensors and loss of flow alarms.

For more information, download our brochure.