Filtering Systems

Smart Filtering SystemsThe Simplex SmartFilter Series

The Simplex SmartFilter Series comprises a standard, engineered-design family of fuel oil ļ¬ltration, conditioning and maintenance systems. These systems are intended for use with fuel oil held in bulk, long-term storage, including underground and aboveground main supply tanks, large generator sub-base tanks and large day tanks.

Typical tank capacities are in excess of 5000 gallons, with 10,000-20,000 gallon or larger tanks being common.

For more information, download our Simplex brochure.

Simplex Duplex Pump Filtering SystemSimplex Duplex Pump Filtering System

Pumping systems operate by a programmed control panel where on and off timers can be set to meet system requirements for fuel circulation. All units are Nema 4 for outdoor installation.

RCI Multi-Tank FiltersRCI Multi-Tank Filters

Five (5) cabinets fuel filtering units at a major data center in Atlanta GA filtering 38 3500-gallan generator belly tanks and three 20,000-gallon storage tanks.

For more information, download our brochure from RCI.