Containment Piping

Containment Piping - Poly-TechPoly Pipe and Pipe Sumps
Continuous run poly piping and transition piping sumps are the practical, environmentally sound solution for remote dispensing from aboveground storage tanks, Over- or through-dike steel piping enters the sump tluough APT’s special flexible entry boot. Inside the sump, the steel piping easily connects to Poly-Tech flexible piping for a continuous run to dispensers or an intermediate sump. Naturaliy, the Poly-Tech sump is compatible with other piping systems.

For more information, download our containment piping brochure from APT.

Fiberglass PipingFiberglass
Smith Fibercast fiberglass piping can be used in any fueling situations and some chemical. It is UL Listed and has a 30 year warranty.
It works great for industrial projects for generator and boiler fueling systems as well as commercial fleet operations feeding dispensers for trucks and other vehicles, tractors, etc. Installation training is available.

For more information, download our Smith Fiberglass Red Thread IIA Piping Brochure .