Aboveground Fueling Systems

Aboveground TankFireguard Tank
8,000G Fireguard tank installed with duplex submersible pumps installed at a national company data center. The Fireguard tank is termed a “protected tank” per UL2085 rating; the tank consists of a UL142 inner tank, light weight concrete protection medium and an outer UL142 rated steel tank.

Aboveground Tank15,000-Gallon Double-walled Steel Tank
This is a 15,000 gallon double walled steel tank , UL142 rated instlled within a containment dike. the tank is filled via a Smart Pump remote fill station, and is equipped with duplex submersible pumps feeding a bank 6 generators via a fuel loop system for “back up” power at an Atlanta data center.

Aboveground Tank10,000-Gallon Double-walled Steel Tank
This tank is a 10,000 double wall steel tank, UL 142 rated, with a remote fill station, 2 sets of duplex submersible pumps;one set for generators, one set for boilers for backup power at a hospital in north Georgia. The unique feature of this tan is that is has an overfill prevention chamber built onto the end of the primary tank which will contain 10% of the main tanks’ volume. Tank is also equipped with an automatic tank gauge system for tank inventory and tank and fuel line lead detection.

Aboveground TankFireguard Protected Tanks,
A pair of UL2085 rated, Fireguard protected tanks, steel tanks with duplex submersible pumps for hospital backup power to generators and boilers.

Aboveground TankSingle-Walled Tanks
This is a pair of UL142 20,000 gallon single wall tanks installed within a containment dike, each tank is equipped with duplex submersible pumps, redundant smart pump stations for filling either of the tanks, automatic tank gauging system for fuel inventory. These tanks supply a bank of UPS units and 12 generators equipped with sub-base tanks.

For more information, download our Fireguard Steel Tank brochure as well as our Horizontal and Vertical Steel Tank brochure.